“Celebrity Moving means more than a company that serves celebrities! Their concentration and comprehensive service and extraordinary professionalism, packing, moving and storage skills are only surpassed by the quality of the people who make up the team that is Celebrity Moving.”

Bunny Williams

“Celebrity Moving has been an invaluable source for our business! No matter the distance or size of the job, Celebrity is reliable, responsible and a true pleasure to work with. I would definitely recommend them for your next move!”

Miles Redd LLC

“Celebrity Moving lIves up to its name. Because of the caliber of our clients, our Company only works with the best. We recommend Celebrity’s impeccable services without reservations.”

Geoffrey Bradfield

“We have had the pleasure of working with Celebrity Moving for over 10 years. Their standard of service is superior. Celebrity Moving’s staff is professional, communicative, reliable, and most importantly, accommodating. We can always depend on them to get the job done whether it is a high end installation for our residential projects, or management of our client’s extensive storage inventories.”

—The Office of Thierry Despont

“Celebrity Moving has been our preferred moving company for over 25 years.  Their strong team of responsible, considerate professionals has made EVERY installation, delivery, and move a stress-free, painless operation.  Never have we experienced an equal level of service and consideration from any another competitor, and for that I applaud our friends at Celebrity Moving!” 

– J. Randall Tarasuk, VP, Pavarini Design

“Over the last 10 years, Celebrity Moving has become a most trusted partner in my interior design business.. With all our hard work spent finding antiquities, selecting art and objects, and making furniture I can breathe a huge sigh of relief knowing that the precious finished products rest in Celebrity’s organized and meticulously careful hands as they move from store, storage and workroom to our clients’ homes. I have come to depend on their honesty, judgment and flexibility so much so that I think of Celebrity as an extension of my own team.”

Kemble Interiors

When every one of a company’s movers remembers you by name, that company must be doing something right. Hampton says just that about this firm, and she adds: “They are professional. They are fun. If something is difficult, they will figure out how to make it work, whether they have to detach legs, build a changing table, take doors off, whatever.” Perhaps the best compliment she gives them is that “You do not have to oversee their task.”

– Alexa Hampton of Mark Hampton LLC, excerpt from”Guide 85: Resources for the Resourceful”

I wanted to let you know that all of our items arrived today in terrific shape. Your crew was professional and did a great job unpacking everything and moving all the items into our home. Thank you so much for a job well done.

– Ellen Hodes

“Just another thank you to you and Celebrity Moving as a whole – I know I gush over you guys – but you make our lives easy – and thank you’s are always nice especially after a long week on a Friday! THANK YOU!”

– Nancy Michalski

“The guys just left. They were here right on time and they did a great job for us, fast and efficient. Nelson really made things go very smoothly throughout the move process and we appreciate it. Just wanted to let you know we were pleased.”

– Darlene Winkler

“You are an angel from heaven!! No to the zebra rug, yes to the MBR rug and pad. Don’t know how I missed that one!!! I thank my stars for you and Bob every installation.”

– Judi Flatt